The house

Holmfield is a contemporary self-catering holiday house on the island of East Burra, on the west coast of the Shetland Islands.  Located in meadows at the end of a road, Holmfield can accommodate up to 4 people in two double bedrooms.  The house was built in 2000 and was extensively upgraded for 2019.

Access to the house is over gravel and there are 4 wooden steps to the door.  There is a small walled garden with flowers in the summer and outdoor seating and a table which you can use on sunny days.  There is parking beside the house.  Around the back of the house there are more garden areas which you are welcome to use.

Guests are advised that the accommodation is no smoking and we are unable to take dogs or other pets.  The house is of timber frame construction with an aluminium sheeted roof,  common forms of construction in Shetland.  In storms and heavy rain you’ll be aware of the weather outside while remaining warm inside.